Battre Le Fer

commissioned, video

Battre le Fer,
a dance performance by Jens van Daele,
is a duel danced by two women. It’s about paralleling similar powers and personalities. About stubbornness and blind battle. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, in an accelerating physical combat. No one listens, they simply lash out, in a mini world of poor forgiveness. The duel ends eventually, however undecided, or decided if you will, in the sight of merely losers. Battre le fer shows a sight of an useless deed, energy wasted on thoughtless actions.
Jens asked me to create video/visuals to display during the performance.
For this piece I choose to work mainly with shadows: there are ‘two’ which are actually ‘one’.
For the rest of the images I worked with, on the one hand, very ‘realistic’ images, flashes of what you could actually see happening on stage and, on the other hand, very graphically abstracted images: the recognisable and the unrecognisable









I also made their Trailer: