Brides For Peace

commissioned, video

In 2008, to prove that the world is a less violent place than it might appear, Pippa and Silvia – both wearing wedding dresses and carrying a sign bearing the word Peace – started hitch-hiking from Milan to Jerusalem. However, they never made it that far. The arts project was halted before they could reach the Middle Eastern border. Shortly afterwards, a cruel twist of fate led to Pippa’s death. She was raped and murdered, her body discovered on the border between west and east, in the Turkish coastal town of Gebze.
Brides for Peace is a work of contemporary dance created by Jens van Daele. He was inspired by the living art project Brides on Tour by the Italian artists Pippa Bacca and Silvia Moro, that came to an untimely end. Jens wants to keep the memory of Pippa and Silvia’s work alive and, as it were, to continue their mission of peace. Partly by drawing attention to the story through his performances but also by making the audience aware of the various organisations that are working in support of women and non-violent peace.
Jens asked me to create video images, displayed during the performance, which enhance and strengthen the story told.
I choose to work in hard black and white colours, a polarity, and to work mainly with very slow moving close ups.
The challenge lay in using the medium not to distract from the performers but to build an environment together that supports the performance.
The performance ends with a 10 minutes film I made on the sound of composer Richard van Kruysdijk en Greg Smith.
tanjaStill12 DVD Cover Brides For Peace
Furthermore I made the Trailer and the Registration for this piece
(above DVD-Cover Lay-Out)
Choreography and images: Jens van Daele
Dance: Patricia van Deutekom, Angela Herenda, Tanja Marín Friðjónsdóttir
Dance and acting: Carl Vermeersch;
Composer: Greg Smith, Richard van Kruysdijk
Text: Pieter De Buysser
Dramatic composition advice: Veerle van Overloop
Costume design: Mirte Engelhard
Lighting design: Tom Verheijen
Technique: Jurr van Diggele, Hugo Hendrickx
Video/editing: Jessica van Rueschen
Production: Caro Delsing
Publicity and sales: Alles voor de Kunsten, Meeke Beumer, Wilma Kuite
Artistic producer: Generale Oost
Graphic design: Studio Basta
With thanks to: Silvia Moro, Andrea Massaioli, Dorine Cremers