choreography, dance, own work

The Pleasure and Pain of not Knowing My Name

A choreography for the Of Curious Nature Dance Ensemble
in a shared evening with Anila Mazharis’ ‘The Future is like whisper yelling’.
Here a short video compilation of ‘The Pleasure and Pain of not Knowing My Name’, a piece in three parts.
In each part I research a different perspective on Ignorance or Wilful Blindness.
The first part, a solo, features a man in search for knowledge but inevitably getting caught up in complexity, ending knotted, blind for solutions.
The second part consists of a duet, one man wanting what the other man has: a sense of silence, peace. Ignorant as to how to get there he tries to drag the other into his ways.
In the last part, a solo, a woman looks back at her life, remembers the innocence of not knowing.