choreography, dance, own work


a double-bill evening of contemporary dance-theatre by LANDERER&COMPANY featuring company-members and choreographers Jessica van Rüschen und Simone Deriu.

OUT by Jessica van Rüschen portraits three men, involuntarily together, locked in a small space. Inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s cultmovie ‘Down by Law’ her piece features three original characters who find themselves dealing with a situation forced upon them. Each new character brings a different approach to the room. Within their relationship their character traits reveal and shape the shared experience.
Choreography: Jessica van Rüschen (OUT), Simone Deriu (INSIDE)
Performance: Rubén Garcia Arabit, Saul Vega Mendoza, Zander Constant, Simone Deriu
Set&Costume: Ulrike Glandorf, Melanie Huke
Assistance Set&Costume: Miriam Ebbing
Music: Christof Littmann
Choreographic assistance: Anila Mazhari
Technical management: Oliver Hisecke
Management / Production: Achim Bernsee, Selina Glockner
Booking / PR: minusmalminus
Photography and Social Media: Marc Seestaedt
Video: Valeria Lampadova
Office: Judith Elbeshausen