choreography, dance, own work

‘Human Needs’ initiate our actions.
In this research period in Dansateliers Rotterdam I focussed on ‘the Art of Performance’.
In particular the commitment one is making while performing.
I created two physical ‘paintings’ to stage on public locations for a long period of time.
The paintings include a situation, physically expressed by the performer, that resonates with humans’ need to: ‘give meaning’ to our life.
I strive to strip the situation from unnecessary form and expose the essence of that ‘need’ into a physical expression. The performer tries to sustain this expression.
For ‘Us’ I worked with two main paintings:
One of ‘getting up’ and another of ‘trying again’.
We ‘get up’ for our needs and for whatever motivates us. For an outsider our intrinsic motivations barely translates.
The absurdity of human’s existence is displayed in our attempt to live a life full of meaning and purpose in an indifferent universe. We create meaning in spite of objective meaninglessness.
To get up, for whatever is meaningful to me, I perceive as an heroic action.