Guest teacher @ BEAR ArtEZ

Guest for a tutor base part of the Quality Agreement Other Voices. 

This workshop plays with the following questions:
How do you integrate physicality in your artistic practises?
How can the body be used as platform for insight and creative development?
And how do we relate to the issues we choose to work with, through our thoughts, emotions and perceptions?

‘One good way to understand a complex system is to disturb it and then see what happens.’

Michael Pollan 

In this workshop I focus mainly on resonance.
How do you awaken resonance?

‘You cannot experience resonance without the ingredient of presence.’ Anne Bogart.

Being present means meeting the moment, physically, emotionally, and perceptually in that particular place, at that time.

In order to resonate with something, I have to attend fully to it, with an openness to being affected, influenced, and literally moved.

We start from there and then use our main ingredient for understanding: play, to combine understanding and development.