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  • Guest teacher @ BEAR ArtEZ

    Guest for a tutor base part of the Quality Agreement Other Voices.  This workshop plays with the following questions: How do you integrate physicality in your artistic practises? How can the body be used as platform for insight and creative development?And how do we relate to the issues we choose to work with, through our…

  • Behind the Scenes @ ‘The Man who fell from the Sky’ PP

    Pia Meuthen, choreographer and artistic director of the company speaks about her motivation and inspiration for her piece ‘The Man who fell from the Sky’. Tarek Rammo, one of her performers, tells us a bit about his challenges as a performer in this piece and about how the dancers collaborate during the creative proces. Here…

  • Study Cinematography @ Cameracollege

    After years of working as an autodidact I am so happy to have finally decided to invest into my knowledge on this level. Most of the work on this website has been done before this study! 😀 And I am really happy and content to have absolved the study Cinematography at the Cameracollege Breda.

  • Trailer and Registration ‘Tipping Point’, Panama Pictures

    Filming and editing the Trailer and Registration for theater dance production ‘Tipping Point’ by Panama Pictures @ Verkadefabriek Den Bosch.

  • Workshop: Physical habits in cognitive professions

    Many people with a cognitive profession are not very aware of their own physical habits. While you take your body to work every day! In this workshop we will look at our perception patterns and body habits. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost the relationship with your body? Or maybe you feel your body well,…

  • Registration ‘The Weight of Water’, Panama Pictures

    Filming and editing the registration of ‘The Weight of Water’, choreographed by Pia Meuthen, Panama Pictures. Picture: Willem Rog

  • Medische Basiskennis

    Studying one year of Higher Professional Training in Western Medicine Fundamentals to move forward as manual therapist. Certified in June 2023

  • Ode aan Maria

    Van zaterdag 10 tot en met zondag 18 juni 2023 vindt deel 2 van Crapuul in de Kelder plaats in de kelder van Landbouwbelang aan de Maaskade in Maastricht. Bedacht en georganiseerd door gastcurator Corina Karstenberg (kunstenaar/cultuurhistoricus) voor Transport Artspace. Het artistiek project Crapuul in de Kelder is ontstaan tijdens een kennismakingsgesprek met het bestuur…

  • Registration ‘Dyptich. The Historical Present’, Olivia Court Mesa

    Filming a ‘one shot’ registration for the theater dance performance ‘Dyptich. The Historical Present’ by Olivia Court Mesa

  • Registration ‘La Despedida’, LAVA Collective

    Filming and editing the registration for the theater dance performance ‘La Despedida’, choreographed by Patricia van Deutekom and LAVA Collective.