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OUT – Landerer&Company


INSIDE / OUT is a double-bill evening of contemporary dance-theatre by LANDERER&COMPANY featuring company-members and choreographers Jessica van Rüschen und Simone Deriu.

Become alien to yourself and feel out of place at heart. INSIDE by Simone Deriu is devoted to the the inner pain and longing for a vanished part of himself.

OUT by Jessica van Rüschen portrays the development of three men in involuntary togetherness. Inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s cult film ‘Down by Law’, three original characters can be found in a very small space. Living together without privacy affects and reveals their traits and shapes their relationship.

Choreography: Jessica van Rüschen, Simone Deriu
Performance: Rubén Garcia Arabit, Zander Constant,
Simone Deriu, Saul Vega Mendoza
Set&Costume: Ulrike Glandorf, Melanie Huke
Assistance Set&Costume: Miriam Ebbing
Music: Christof Littmann
Choreographic assistance: Anila Mazhari
Technical management: Oliver Hisecke
Management / Production: Achim Bernsee, 
Selina Glockner
Booking / PR: minusmalminus
Photography and Social Media: Marc Seestaedt
Video: Valeria Lampadova
Office: Judith Elbeshausen