20 years I have been performing.

It has been quite a journey,
searching for physical expression in relation to many
social issues,
in service to a work of art in which you are a piece of the puzzle,
in service to a vision that you share or don’t,
in constant longing to reinvent what you can perceive in yourself and what you can share with an audience,
in dialogue with the other.

Having a reflection of possibilities through beautiful artists often opens new perceptions and therefore deepened my understanding of the instrument with which I create art.

I want to thank those makers that shared, inspired, steered and searched; in whose pieces there was space for the artist I am.

Felix Landerer, Landerer&Company
   ‘Pink or Blue’ (2018)
   ‘Lucky’ (2017)
   ‘Allknowing, Fluorescent and Biting’ (2017)
   ‘Gala’ (2016)
   ‘Revolte’ (2016)
   ‘Albert’ (2014/15)
‘Sorcerer’ (2014)
   ‘Ross lost it’ (2013/14)

Lenka Vangnerova, Landerer&Company
   ‘Sorcerer’ (2014)

Simone Deriu, Landerer&Company
   ‘Good lock’ (2013/14)

Itzik Galili, Galili Dance
   ‘Tahara’ (2011)
   ‘Chronocratie’ (2002/03)

Piet Rogie, Rogie&Company
   ‘Sisterhood’ (2009/10)
‘Tragic Torso’ (2005)
‘Corpo Liquido’ (2005)
‘Painthings’ (2004)

   ‘G-Star RAW fashion show’ (2012)

Project Sally, SALLY
   ‘Schwalbe’ (2009)
   ‘Trio D’Arco’ (2009)
   ‘Moving Movies 7’ (2009)
   ‘Moving Movies 6’ (2009)
   ‘Project Sally Ateliers’ (2009)
   ‘Arr. 1 PS’ (2008)
   ‘Arr. 1’ (2007)
   ‘Tij’ ( 2005)

Stephen Shropshire
   ‘The Pipers Progress’ (2003)

Jens van Daele
   ‘Gula’ (2007)
Witches on Speed’ (2007)

Dansateliers Rotterdam
   ‘Certain Doubts’ {own work} (2014)
‘Us’ {own work} (2013)
‘Bocht’ (2006)

Baila Louca Improvisation Performances (2010, 2009, 2008) 

Vera Sander  verasanderartconnects
   ‘Shifting Grounds’ (2009)
‘Trespassing’ (2004)
‘Silencio’ (2004)
   ‘Corpus Resonantie’ (2004)

   ‘Popcornpretpark’ (2008/09)
   ‘Wildmenspark’ (2006/07)

Paul & Menno de Nooijer, Station Zuid
   ‘Stations’ (2008)

Suzy Blok, Dana Nechushtan, BosBros Production
   TV-Series ‘Annie M.G.’ (2008)

Danskern Utrecht
   ‘Portretten’ (2006/07)

Residency South Korea, Seoul
Ttangttamokgi Project (2007)

Tanztheater Irina Pauls, Stadttheater Heidelberg (2002 – 2000)
   ‘Bald gras’ ich am Neckar’
   ‘One half of Front’
   ‘Sie liessen sich nicht beirren in ihrer Einsamkeit’
   ‘Morgen und Morgen’

Tanztheater Irina Pauls, Staatstheater Oldenburg (2000 – 1999)
‘Morgen und Morgen’
   ‘Nur einmal komm’
   ‘One half of front’