Theater Registrations


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A registration is a translation of a live event into a new medium: Moving Image.

The camera takes the place of the audience and the editor directs the eye of the viewer.

To understand the direction of the work we talk with the theatre maker about his ideas and priorities.

The complexity and originality of a registration can vary a lot, from a simple set up of two cameras to a complex edit with 3 to 6 (or more) point of views.
Depending on the complexity and length of the registration the first draft will take me about one week after which a round of corrections and feedback can take place.
After another week the final result, with titles, credits and color grading can be delivered in various formats, like H264, H265, ProRes.

A registration can be filmed during a special shooting day or during a regular performance or general rehearsal.

If you are interested to talk about registering your work please contact me.