Restaging ‘LIKE FICTION’ for the Of Curious Nature Dance Ensemble

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LIKE FICTION a double bill evening by Anila Mazhari and Jessica Van Rüschen
‘The Pleasure and Pain of Not Knowing My Name’ for the Of Curious Nature Dance Ensemble
German Premiere at Eisfabriek, Commedia Futura Hannover: 11.03.2021 (Corona Edition)
Online Premiere: 16.04.2021
Artistic Director: Felix Landerer
Choreographer: Jessica van Rüschen 
Dance: Aurélie Robichon, Aron Nowak, Luigi Sardone, Felix Bossard
Music: Christof Littmann
Stage: Britta Bremer
Costume: Theresa Klement
Technical Management: Oliver Hisecke
Project management: Achim Bernsee

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