Certain Doubts

This solo is an ode to doubt, a character trait I both cherish and curse.

Doubt is a curious subject for me. Uncertainty does not feel attractive, yet working with it opens a physical language that seems natural to my body. I thoroughly enjoyed diving into this subject and examining my relationship with this character trait.

What can I physically derive from the notion of doubt to extract principles and elements that enrich my physical vocabulary? How does ‘doubt’ influence my use of direction (in space or in my body)? How does it affect my dynamic choices (tempo, sudden or sustained movements, acceleration, deceleration, pauses, direct and indirect patterns)? How does doubt translate into physical tension within my body, and where do I notice that? How can I make this visible and recognizable for the viewer? What happens to my focus, my breathing, my associations, and thus my physical interpretations?

Through this research, I discovered a rich and playful vocabulary, developing a principle on how to derive physical vocabulary from such a trait.


Choreography: Jessica van Rüschen
Production: Dansateliers Rotterdam
Music Composition: Greg Smith
Costume: Hedi Legerstee
Premiere 14.02.2014, Schouwburg Rotterdam
Flyer picture photography: Boris van Hoof
Flyer picture concept and model: Jessica van Rüschen
Video: Paul Sixta

solo, 20min

  • Premiere 14.02.2014
  • Theater Rotterdam