About Lucian, Jens van Daele

Visuals for theatre dance production 'About Lucian' by Jens van Daele

About Lucian follows man from birth to his last breath, with the painted ideas of Lucian Freud as a starting point. The British painter, who died in 2011, became world famous for his touchingly unflattering portraits of a humanity that makes no distinction between wanderer or queen.

‘About Lucian’ by Jens van Daele depicts the painted ideas of the British painter Lucian Freud in captivating duets and strong group work. It is also an ode to the master of existentialism and to the endurance of his models. The piece is performed by six dancers. The duo Richard van Kruysdijk & Raphael Vanoli provide the performance with live music.

In this collaboration, we translated several of Lucian Freud’s paintings into moving images.

1- Naked Girl Perched on a Chair

2- Leigh on a Green Sofa

3- Naked Woman on a Sofa

4- Naked Man Back View

5- Two Men in the Studio

6- Red Haired Man on a Chair

7- Pluto and the Bateman Sisters

8- Eli


  • Choreografie Van Daele en de dansers compositie & live muziek Richard van Kruysdijk & Raphael Vanoli Video Jessica van Rüschen Kostuums Mirte Engelhard Met Patricia van Deutekom, Yeli Beurskens, Jens van Daele en anderen
  • Premiere: 6 Maart 2015