Research. Dansateliers Rotterdam

In this research period in Dansateliers Rotterdam I focussed on ‘the Art of Performance’.

I created two physical ‘paintings’ to stage in public locations for a long period of time.
The paintings depict an idea, physically expressed by a performer, which is meant to capture an essence of, resonate with, humans’ need to: ‘give meaning’ to our life.

The absurdity of human’s existence is displayed in our attempt to live a life full of meaning and purpose in an indifferent universe. We create meaning in spite of objective meaninglessness.

Our ‘needs’ initiate our actions. We ‘get up for’ them, we ‘try again’ to achieve our ambitions and provide for perceived personal needs. For an outsider our intrinsic motivations barely translate. Our reasons to do something remain, in their complex simplicity, an incomplete image, even to ourselves.

The first image resolves around ‘trying, again and again’ to reach a personal goal in time. No matter if big or small. Every goal, once achieved is already forgotten as there is a new goal waiting as if it could make a difference. The counterpart is life, with al its unpredictable sideways.

The second image about ‘getting up’ is a different translation of the same. I obliged the slowness to create effort in time. I hoped that the absurdity and beauty of intrinsic motivation, invisible to the outside, could physically be evoked.

To get up, again and again, for whatever is meaningful to me, I perceive as an heroic action.

Choreography: Jessica van Rüschen

Performance: Dario Tortorelli, Jessica van Rüschen
Production: Dansateliers Rotterdam

Duet, 30min

  • Premiere: 22.02.2013
  • Studiopresentation Dansateliers Rotterdam