Teaching workshops for Maja Bekan, TENT Rotterdam

Artist Maja Bekan & TENT are seeking for women in the arts to participate in a timely exploration of (art) work, (art) institution and (art) community. Bekan is a visual and performance artist from former Yugoslavia, based in The Netherlands and is interested in bringing together women of various backgrounds, generations, perspectives, and experiences who represent two seemingly different worlds; the art world and the military world.

During weekly one to two-hour sessions hosted by Maja Bekan, there will be a set of activities and rehearsals such as collective readings, trips to museums, lectures, and performances. These sessions are imagined as an open conversation where all the participants are invited to contribute.

Her ongoing artwork explores the use of gossip and conflict as a possible route of emancipation and a potential feminist method of working. She is interested in exploring many roles placed on women in society and how can we together un/learn and emancipate each other.