‘Nachthexen I’ – Jens van Daele

Filming and editing the trailer for Jens van Daeles’ new piece ‘Nachthexen I’
With ‘NightHexen I’ starts a cycle about heroines throughout world history. This creation is based on the Russian night bomb regiment Taman. During the Second World War, this regiment consisted entirely of women, from pilots to technicians. With light gliders they successfully bombarded the German positions. A total of 30 night witches died in the war. Within the universe of the Russian night witches, Van Daele places Jeanne d’Arc (an earlier historical warrior) in the present. Against what, who, how and or would d’Arc go to war in our present time?
NachtHexen I is a direct ode to the power of women. Following on from the successful ‘Over Onze Vader’ (2016) and the very danceable ‘Tierra’ (2017), the ever-temporary collective Burning Bridges once again presents a strong theatrical story. In NachtHexen I , powerful dance, emotional theater and thrilling live music, performed by a purely female cast of international class, merge into a captivating whole. Pure, energetic and sensitive, seeking the fastest way to the heart of the spectator, as you are used to from Jens van Daele’s Burning Bridges.
choreography & stage & direction:  Jens van Daele (BE) i.s.m. de spelers
direction assistent: Karla Isidorou
text: Hanne Struyf (BE) & Jens van Daele (BE)
acting and dance: Hanne Struyf (BE), Patricia van Deutekom (NL), Naomi Schwarz (CH), Lucienne Kraan (NL), Ronja Keultjes (NL), Felicia Declercq (BE)
live music: Alexandra Bellon (FR), Viva Sanchez Reinoso(CH) op piano, cello, percussie en elektronica
music composition: Richard van Kruysdijk (NL), Alexandra Bellon (FR), Viva Sanchez Reinoso(CH)
light design: Tom Verheijen (NL)
trailer: Jessica van Reusschen (DE)
photo: Jasmine Wolf